Anti-Microbial Products

What is Unique Antimicrobial Product Range? ?

Quick: Broad Spectrum disinfection in 5 minutes.
Organotin => Safe: Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive, Non-Caustic, Non-Staining, Non-Irritant, Non-Carcinogenic and Biodegradable. SABS HACCP tested as food-safe.
Concentrated: Economical to use in large quantities
Surfactants => Residual Action: Continues to disinfect even after the surface has dried, giving long-lasting protection.

Duality: Can be used for both general purpose Manual Cleaning, and High Pressure Cleaning.

Effective: Contains a balanced system of detergents, sequestering agents, alkalis and grease cutters which removes both organic, and microbial loading


Product / Barrier:

What is Unique Antimicrobial Product Range? Functions through a combination of multi-layered Quaternary Ammonium salts, Organotin & Surfactants.
Where: Organotin => residual effect and anti fungicide
Where: Quaternary Ammonium => disinfection
Where: Salts => natural detergents & deodorizer
Where: Surfactants => penetration of the microbial wall => dead microbes

Key Features of Anti-Microbial Products?

Non-Toxic (No Phenols, Chlorine, Aldehydes or Triclosan). Broad Spectrum application.
Residual effect - longevity.
Complete Range (holistic approach).
Environmentally Friendly - Biodegradable.
Easy to use.
Non-Caustic, Non-Corrosive, Non-Staining, Non -Irritant
Speed of kill - Fast contact time of 5 min
SABS approved
Technical support

Why Ozonenet Unique Antimicrobial Product Range?

Cost: Competitively Priced.
Efficacy: Proven to kill Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi.
Non-resistance: Product blend of 3 Quaternary Ammonium Chloride and TriButyl Tin compound kills pathogens.
Organic matter: Effective in presence of high organic loading.
Residual: Activity lasting up to 30 days.
Activity with soap: Soap used in our products is cationic so as not to deactivate the cationic active ingredients.
Completely water soluble.
pH neutral.
Short 5 min contact time.
Effective between 5°C & 95°C.

Ozonenet environmentally friendly


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